In the world, but not of it.

We live in an environment of godlessness and sin. How do you engage? How do you stay encouraged? CROSS & Culture wants to equip you with the tools to both edify yourself and engage the world around you.


Heroes of the Faith

Sep 13, 2020
C.N. and Brolo discuss heroes of the faith? Is it biblical to have heroes? How should Christians view those who came before them?

Christians in the Public Square

The world is in flux, and Christians cannot seem to decide how they should be involved. Where exactly is a…

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The End of Cancel Culture

Looking around America, we constantly see stories of “cancellation.” It is not a good kind either. Cancel Culture has emerged…

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The Choice that Lies Ahead

Do you remember the time the Democratic party booed God? If you remember that far back, the 2012 Democratic party…

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