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Leadership. Discipleship. Emotional Resilience. Intellectual Growth:
Whole-Person Growth for the Christian Man.

Empower your journey as a Christian man with our practical four-point growth strategy. Focus on personal, spiritual, utilitarian, and relational growth to become a well-rounded individual, positively impacting your community. Join us today to strengthen your faith, build meaningful connections, and live a life of purpose and service. Start your transformation now – your community is counting on you!

With book studies, bi-weekly meetings, and a formatted plan to follow for growth, all in the context of Nicene Christianity, you will find no other value like this around.

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We officially begin our first study in July 2023. Join now at the introductory price, and start connecting with the community.

Here are the 2023 Focus Topics:

July:                        Biblical Masculinity
August:                  Leadership and Servanthood
September:          Emotional Intelligence and Vulnerability
October:                Spiritual Disciplines and Growth
November:           Building Strong Marriages and Families, Part I
December:           Building Strong Marriages and Families, Part II


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