The Virginia Gubernatorial Race is a Race Christians Should Watch Closely

With the only days left in the Virginia 2021 gubernatorial race, the latest poll numbers are in, and they are not looking good for Democratic Party stalwart and former Governor Terry McAuliffe. For the majority of the race, he led Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin, who seems poised to take the reins from incumbent Democrat Governor Ralph Northam. Then, around the middle of October, the tides began to turn. Now, according to a recent Fox News survey of likely voters, McAuliffe has 45 percent of the vote compared to that of Youngkin’s 53 percent.

What is more telling is the breakdown. Of those surveyed, 56 percent identified themselves as being parents. Of that 56 percent, only 42 percent stated that they would vote for McAuliffe. In a state that has been plagued with issues related to schools, where the Louden County School Board has seemed to be in the news almost daily, McAuliffe has seemed to have lost the confidence of parents.

Virginia has the potential to become a bell weather state. A cosmopolitan southern state bordering the nation’s capital, it has become increasingly blue in recent years. The past two gubernatorial elections have gone Democrat, and the Republicans have not been able to regain it in a presidential election since Barack Obama won it in 2008. Both Senators are Democrats, they have a majority in the House Delegation, and they control both the State Senate and House of Delegates. If the state is willing to swing Republican, turning on the party of power both on the state and federal level, the question has to become one of why?

That is why they are pouring the money and the resources into the state, trying desperately to prop up the potentially failing McAuliffe Campaign. People have gotten a look behind the curtain, and they do not like what they see. The progressive left is now terrified this will embolden electors, particularly in key demographics, such as parents. Why? The simple answer is because, for as much as the Progressives have been pushing their far-left agenda, they know the country is not there yet. It is why they have focused as much time and effort on the school systems, trying to socially engineer the next generation through deconstructionism, subjective morality, and an abandonment of values. They have pushed a secular humanist agenda that has sought to disrupt the principles of a society based on objective truth and foundational values.

The problem is that they have recently come under increased scrutiny. Call it the pandemic, which brought the classroom into the living room for parents to witness first hand, or the increased brazenness of the attempts in some school districts to push a particular agenda, or the loud and belligerent clamoring of individuals like Randi Weingarten, President of the American Teachers Federation. However, people are paying attention, and they do not like what they see. What makes it worse is that children are put in spiritual, mental, and even physical danger, and these progressives circle the wagons, disinterested in anything but their radical agenda. Even as parents demand a higher level of accountability, the reaction is pure hubris as they continue trying to usurp Parental Rights, claiming Parental Rights are a myth.

It is an ideology that is rooted in Marxist thought. It is the state that knows best. The parent is dismissed because the idea of the nuclear family is nothing more than a bourgeois ideal that needs to be dismantled in order for society to move forward. It has been an ideology gaining traction in recent years, and it is the ideology driving these more progressive pushes on education that seeks to reframe and remold worldview.

Parents, particularly Christian parents, have a great deal to worry about right now with the direction of the country and the movement of particular agendas that seem to lurk in the shadows. Once content to make slow progress, the efforts are now being put into hyperdrive as the battle for America’s next generation is in full force. The question becomes, which way will it go?

That is why elections like the one in Virginia are as crucial as they are. They represent the best opportunity there is to turn back the tide. Nevertheless, it is not just the Governors’s race. Christians need to be willing to push and fight and win at every level of government, leaving nothing open to chance. This means from the School Board to the City Council to the State Assembly forward. It is only in that way that we will be able to protect our values, protect our faith and protect our families.


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