Spiritual Manhood

Learn to become the man God demands you to be.

The Heart and Soul of Spiritual Manhood: The QuadCore

The daily habit tracking blueprint to guide us as men.


This exclusive blueprint offers a unique fourfold approach to personal and spiritual development.

At the heart of QuadCore lies the Omni Quotient (OQ) – a comprehensive marker of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Together with the Physical Quotient (PQ), Relational Quotient (RQ), and Servant Quotient (VQ), the OQ forms the backbone of our holistic development approach.

As a member of the Spiritual Manhood community, QuadCore guides you on your journey, helping you cultivate these four quotients in a balanced and integrated way. Every day, you’ll build upon your understanding, improve your wellness, deepen your relationships, and hone your servant leadership skills.

With QuadCore integrated into your daily routine, you’ll find yourself charting a course toward a more fulfilled life that ripples positivity and growth into every corner of your existence.

Our first official study begins in August 2023. Join the Spiritual Manhood community now at our introductory rate, and start your transformation with QuadCore today. The journey towards balanced growth awaits.

Here are the 2023 Focus Topics:

July:                       Biblical Masculinity
August:                 Leadership and Servanthood
September:         Emotional Intelligence and Vulnerability
October:               Spiritual Disciplines and Growth
November:          Building Strong Marriages and Families, Part I
December:          Building Strong Marriages and Families, Part II


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