Christopher N. Croom



Founder & Managing Member of CROSS & Culture, LLC.
Spiritual Manhood Podcast

SPECIALTIES: Christian Leadership Development, Christian or Christian-Led Business Consulting, Practical Theology, Biblical Teaching or Preaching, Cultural & Political Commentary, American Education, and Public Presentation.

EDUCATION: Grad. Degree in Theology (’12), B.S. in Religion (’14), M.A. Biblical Exposition (’20), Ph.D. Christian Leadership (current – ’25)

PREFERRED TRANSLATION: New American Standard Bible

“Prepare your work outside, And make it ready for yourself in the field; Afterwards, then, build your house.”
(Prov. 24:27)


Chris is the founder and lead teacher of CROSS & Culture, a site dedicated to helping Christians to grasp sound doctrine and apply it in the development of leaders and facilitate the ability to discern the world around them.

Chris is a graduate of Liberty University three times over and is a current student at Liberty University, studying in the Doctoral Program of Christian Leadership, with a focus on Faith-Based Consulting. Chris has been married for over a decade, with four children, and is looking to live a life committed to leadership principles. Chris’s top goals revolve around developing a Patriarchy of strong men who can lead their families, communities, and cultures. Men must be ready to encourage and instruct in civics, Churches, or whatever is the hot-button topic of the day, especially in the home.

Additionally, Chris is also ordained by the National Association of Christian Ministers.

Personal Comment: 

  • “The future of Christian and Christian-led businesses, even Churches, hinges on the shoulders of men who are ready to step up, lead with conviction, and infuse their leadership with the teachings of Christ. This is my earnest desire, to see a rise in male Christian leaders who embody the highest standard of prudence and excellence in both their professional and spiritual lives.”


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