Christopher N. Croom, M.BEx.

Chris is the founder and lead teacher of CROSS & Culture, a site dedicated to helping Christians to understand sound doctrine and understand how to apply it and engage the world around them for the glory of God.

Chris grew up in the church as a young child. He was a great Sunday School kid and even made a profession of faith, fueled by emotion and culture. After growing up to the decision-making age he quit going to the Church having not been truly converted. Later, he would be invited to a Church by his now brother-in-law where there was a message preached that was closer to the gospel but yielded only a moderate change. A year or so later, after struggling with sin, he found conviction through the reading of Scripture, which brought about not just a true sense of sin, but repentance, and a new desire to glorify God with his life. This was the change that brought real conversion, leading him down a road that led to a desire to teach, learn, and grow.

Years later, Chris is a graduate of Liberty University three times (Graduate Degree of Theology, B.S. of Religion, M.A. Biblical Exposition), and is a current student at Columbia International University, studying in the Doctoral Program of Practical Theology, with a focus on Moral Theology. His life is now devoted to Christian Ethics and Exposition in Academia and the Church, showing Christians how to read the Scripture and apply the correct theology to their lives.

Chris is unapologetically Calvinistic in his soteriology; and reformed Presbyterian in his practice of the faith, with a few confessional caveats. He also is a strong support and advocate for Logos Bible Software.

Chris is married with 4 children and looking to live a life committed to theological ethics and exposition of the Word.

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