Mission Statement for CROSS & Culture

Many Churches are in dire straits. We have fallen into a subjective post-modern culture that tells us there is no objective, much less Biblical truth. The culture tells us there is no reason to continue to follow God or His commandments. The body politic tells us God has no place in polite society. The entertainment industry routinely mocks Christian beliefs. The educational system has become the chief instrument for those enemies of the faith. Worst of all, Christians have decided that love is all they need and either insulated themselves from the world or submitted to its pressure.

Enter CROSS & Culture. We have not forgotten that God’s word is truth. We have not forgotten that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. Furthermore, we have not forgotten that being made in the image of God means we have been given the ability to think, reason, declare, and persuade. 

The mission of CROSS & Culture is to challenge the Church to learn, think, reason, declare, and persuade. The task of CROSS & Culture is to help you live in this world but not derive your thought or reasoning from it. We will teach you Christian history, apologetics, systematic theology, practical and moral theology, decision making, and much more. We want to help shepherd you in your walk with Christ in the hope you will bring new passion, energy, knowledge, and resolve to your immediate circles of influence for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, invigorate your local Church, and raise children who can carry the fight into the next generation. 

So, whether you are a Scholar, a Pastor, a Preacher, a Deacon, a Small-Group Leader, or a Layperson, join us in the fight to be salt and light and preserve goodness in the world around us, and hopefully lead enemies of the cross to the foot of the same, to worship the Son of God, Jesus Christ.