May 24, 2021

Episode Fourteen – The Abolishing of Family

There has been a growing trend, we have seen it overtly in the media and academia, and more subversively in legislation and the establishment. This has been the move to abolish what has been dubbed as the traditional family, which is considered to be now an archaic relic of a bygone era, representative of an ideal that no longer has a place in our post-modern society. Yet, the Christian, and the Christian man, knows this is a dangerous prospect, one that seeks to reframe and remold what God has created and God has ordained for an idea that goes hand in hand with the abolishing of objective truth and religion. What's more is that it usurps a man's role as the head of his family and the responsibilities it entails, leaving him adrift in the world.

The means in which this attempt to abolish the family takes many forms, and the method that is used to undermine a man's authority in society and in his family is all around us. The question then becomes what is something that we can, or need to do about this? How can we push back against a world increasingly hostile to our biblical worldview and our scriptural understanding of family? This is what we will be exploring this week on Spiritual Manhood.