November 1, 2021

Episode 31 – Cultivating the Potential of Others

Christ saw the potential in others….

We see this truth throughout the gospels. What we witness is Christ looking at the lost and the fallen, looking at the forgotten and the marginalized, and raising them up. Edifying, strengthening and healing them he never forgot about them or ignored them. Instead he, in even some of the most extreme causes, extended a hand when no one else would, or when others thought the situation was ultimately hopeless.

As Christians, as Christian men, we must be willing and able to emulate Christ. We must be willing to look past to see the potential in others. Rather than ignoring or somehow believing this isn’t for us or isn’t something we should worry ourselves with we must be willing to walk beside others. We must be willing to strengthen and uplift, edifying these individuals in their faith, seeing them for the wondrous creation that they are even when others seem to miss them.

Join us this week on Spiritual Manhood as Wyatt and Chris talk about seeing and cultivating potential in others.