October 18, 2021

Episode 30 – The Words We Choose

The Epistle of James warns us that the tongue can be an unruly beast that is impossible to tame. It refers to it as a small instrument that has incredible influence to the point where it can run us aground. In this it has the capacity to cause struggle, hardship and pain.

Yet it isn’t simply the tongue. It isn’t the words that escape our lips. It is the words that can escape our fingertips as well.

As Christians we are called to do better and to be better though. We are called to show discernment, wisdom and care with the words that we speak and the words that we choose, letting them reflect a life in Christ, and the deeper calling of our faith. In this, we should recognize the right place to use certain words, the right place for certain tones and ideas, and the wrong places for the, It is then that we can use our words to edify and uplift, even in the harder or harsher conversations we have to have.

Join Chris and Wyatt as they return with a conversation about choosing our words with care on Spiritual Manhood.