September 16, 2021

Episode 28 – The Leadership Round Table (Part Two)


A man’s first ministry is at home, which means that he must be willing to lead at home. As Paul then instructs us in his first Epistle to Timothy the faithful man must ensure that his home is in good order and that his family is taken care of.  (1 Tim 3) In fact, all throughout Paul’s Epistles we see a reoccurring theme for those who lead that recognizes that strong leadership begins with strong leadership at home.

This isn’t always an easy or a simply thing though, especially when we witness a society that is fundamentally opposed to male headship. It is a society and a world where seeks to wrestle the leadership of the home out of the hands of men, becoming bolder and bolder with that effort. That is why we need to spend time discussing leadership in the family, what it means and what it looks like.

This week we continue our discussion of leadership by talking about leadership at home during this Spiritual Manhood Roundtable.