September 13, 2021

Episode 27 – The Education Gap

More and more what we are finding is that men are turning their backs on formal education structures.

Last week the Wall Street Journal posted an article entitled A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: ‘I Just Feel Lost.’ What this article points out is that men are, more and more, dropping out of college or university, if they even go at all. During the 2020-21 year, for example, women constituted 59.5 percent of college students, whereas men only make up 40.5 percent. Though this can be because of the cost of education, there are a host of other factors that come into play as well. What it comes down to in many instances though is that men feel themselves in a haze, unsure or unclear about what it is that they are to do or what they want to do.

This has a direct impact on our society, as we find that men are finding it more difficult to grow up and take on responsibility, to live a disciplined life. It is creating a gap in leadership as men find that they take less and less of an active leadership role. How can we be surprised though? We live in a society that doesn’t necessarily know what to do with men.

This week join Chris and Wyatt as they discuss the education system and the struggles that are there. What are the implications of what we are seeing? What are the solutions? How do we move forward?