September 6, 2021

Episode 26 – The Christian Man in the City

Often times the Christian man, in our present world, tend to shy away from the political arena, claiming that they should not be involved or that they should not get involved. To fuel this thought or this idea the argument is made it doesn’t matter who is in power, or it doesn’t matter who is governing, because Gods is in control. Though this is true what we have to recognize is that men of God throughout history have been involved in the political arena seeking to affect change. We see it in the fact that God ordains government in Genesis, in the story of Moses, the history of the Judges, the Kings and the exile. Even in Romans 13 as Paul tells the Christian that they must submit to the authorities placed above them we come to recognize that there is a spiritual and a religious obligation that is there.

This leads the Christian man to ask what should they do? How involved should they be? Should their political thought be informed by their religious thought? Should the two be interwoven together in a tangible way? What does it mean amidst our current culture to not take that firm stand?

These are the questions that we will be exploring this week on Spiritual Manhood.