September 2, 2021

Episode 25 – The Leadership Round Table (Part One)

Regardless of where we may trace its decline to what we come to understand is that there is an absence, a void in leadership in our society today. This is just a sad reality, and, in that sad reality, we see the deeper implications of what it means. We witness throughout our culture, woven throughout our current age as it presents a number of challenges to us, our families, the church and the wider world around us.

Even as we realize, and recognize this fact, we also realize that a part of the problem is that men are not stepping up to the plate, not like they should, not like they have to. How do we know this? Because a society of strong men, with a strong understanding of male leadership would not let what is happening around us happen. They would step up and they would push back in ways we do not see like we should.

How then  do we answer this problem? How do we begin the process of reclaiming strong male leadership in our society today? That’s what we will be discussing as we begin a roundtable series on leadership on Spiritual Manhood.