August 19, 2021

Episode 23 – The Spiritual Discipline Round Table


As Christian men we need to be focused on our spiritual growth, maturing in our faith as we strive to live according to the standard which God has laid out and to be the disciple He desires us to be. This mean  working on our Spiritual Disciplines.

What are Spiritual Disciplines though? Biblical practices intended to draw us closer to God, draw us closer to Christ, they help us to focus our hearts and our minds on Him and His Word, centering us on His truth. This can be difficult for men because it involves humility, setting aside our pride and our vanity, so that we are able to become the men that God intends us to be. It also means challenging many of our preconceived notions and ideas about who we are. It means letting go of ourselves as the Spirit leads us, and nothing can be a greater leap of faith for many men out there.

Join Chris, Dan, Matt and Wyatt as they sit down for this Spiritual Manhood round table in order to discuss the nature and the importance of Spiritual Disciplines and Spiritual Growth.