August 16, 2021

Episode 22 – Times Like These (Part Two)

As iron sharpens iron we are intended to sharpen one another...

As men we can find it difficult to forge the relationships we need to forge. Often times what we actually do is we go off on our own, we do it ourselves, not realizing that we are at our weakest when we do. Yet, when we are off on our own, what we end up with is the reality that we are the most susceptible to the enemies attack. Considering the nature of the Spiritual Warfare we are engaged in amidst the hostile landscape of our present world and our current age, we need to realize that there is strength in numbers.

This week join Chris and Wyatt as they continue their discussion about faith in times like these by talking about our obligation to our brothers in these days, and these challenges. Confronting the issue from a biblical worldview they talk about the importance of growing, and growing together this week on Spiritual Manhood.