July 19, 2021

Episode 19 – Manhood Amidst the Cultural Zeitgeist

As Christian men we face a time and a spirit of age where the prevailing cultural tides are not only against us, but they try desperately to swallow us whole. Standing against God's truth, it would fundamentally alter the world around us in significant ways, changing our outlook and our perspective as it shatters our worldview and remakes us in the image of the world. As Christian men, called to lead, we need to watch for this not only for the sake of ourselves, but for our churches, our communities and our families.

This week on Spiritual Manhood Wyatt McIntyre is joined with Chris Croom, the President of Cross and Culture. Here they discuss some of the things the church needs to be doing and that we can practically be doing as Christians to push back. It's a long episode this week but one that is worth the listen as they begin a conversation about how we fight back against the world and strengthen our Christian walk.