June 28, 2021

Episode 17 – Authentic Masculinity

We see a struggle in our society today as we witness just how lost and wayward it has become. It is one where the secular world has grown increasingly hostile to God’s truth and the Church. We even witness what are considered mainstream Christian churches adopting the more radical elements of the secular agenda around them as they embrace the world over the Word. This happens even as our post-modern society launches its attacks on men, seeking to strip masculinity of its meaning and purpose, knowing that if it can do this, the most basic and fundamental line of defense in our society has become devoid of power and substance. It is both a secular and a spiritual battle, a secular and spiritual crisis that we are facing as we push forward in the name of Christ. In this, to actually push forward, to actually reclaim in the name of Christ we must recapture what authentic masculinity is. Join us this week as we seek to define and lay out the foundation of authentic manhood and masculinity on Spiritual Manhood.