Logos 9 is here!

LOGOS 9 Review

Logos 9 is the newest offering from FaithLife. It is designed to be both a learning and teaching aid to Christians. From the layperson right up to the scholar, FaithLife’s Logos has something for everyone.

In the past, Logos has always improved their technology for their users, and this new offering is no different. When you open Logos 9 and click on a resource, you will notice that the response time is faster than on the previous version. The speed improvement in bringing up resources and study items is outstanding, and it seems the response time improvement is consistent, whether opening an internal resource or an external link.

The improvement of the response time is perhaps the essential variable of the system to me. I am a Ph.D. student (of Biblical Exposition) at Liberty University. I have been using Logos for a long time, and the lag is sometimes difficult to bear with when you have numerous screens open.

One of the most requested additions is a dark theme. Initially, I thought the dark was too dark, but I did not feel the same way after a few hours of use. The dark mode is a smooth presentation with what feels like a bluish-grey tint to my eyes. It is incredibly comfortable to read as time goes on, which will likely be my theme from here on out.

The sermon manager and builder were not items I had previous experience with, as I had always preferred another method of preparing to preach. However, with the improvements and ability to create templates and other organizational updates, I will likely make more use of this in the future.

New sorting options for the commentaries are fantastic. Being able to organize them by author’s denomination, era, type, or series is maybe one of the most underrated additions to Logos 9. As a Ph.D. student being able to glance at the era quickly or denominational leanings of a title are a tremendous aid. One of the scholar’s most arduous tasks is taking a fair evaluation of topics over the discussion’s life and watching its progression; Logos now offers a quick way of doing this, without opening each resource to review.

As I mentioned, I am a Ph.D. student who also runs a website and social media accounts speaking about a biblical perspective on the culture. Talking and writing about faith, culture, and politics is incredibly important, and many of the upgrades provided by Logos will ease the burden of research and preparation. As an occasional preacher and emerging scholar (a member of both SBL and ETS), I live a life of research and writing.

I have little doubt that from the perspective of a student, preacher, scholar, and social media personality, Logos will improve the work I can do. If you find yourself in any of the boats I am in; you will undoubtedly want to upgrade to one of the newest offerings of Logos 9.*

*I am completing this review as an agreement with FaithLife, and was compensated for this review.